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Krystina Grandmond


Krystina Grandmond

I am an artist in every sense of the word. While the majority of my talents lie in the visual, my love for art spans all forms - visual, music, theater, spoken word, written word ...


I first realized my passion at the age of 3 when I decided my bedroom wall was the best place for a crayon mural. My parents weren't as appreciative of my masterpiece, and after hours spent cleaning it off, I learned a hard lesson about canvas choice.


​​​I did, however, get encouraged at a very young age to embrace my creativity and use it every chance I could. In the 4th and 5th grades, I was selling drawings of various wildlife for $0.25 to my friends in the school yard (creative AND entrepreneurial). In the 6th grade, I had a drawing put into a calendar and my anti-smoking poster won a contest. In 7th grade, I had designed my school's yearbook cover. At the age of 16, I received my first commissioned job (a mural in a restaurant) and had my first photograph published in an annual anthology.​


By the time I had entered high school, art was so much a part of me that I enrolled in every creative course the school could offer. I learned more about myself and the various mediums that I could create in, and developed a deeper appreciation for the time and commitment required to put out a solid, quality piece.​


Aside from high school art courses, I am entirely self-taught. I am my own worst critic, as we all are. But I love how creating makes me feel, so despite thinking that my work is sub-par, I still continue to create for those who will ask me to do it.


I hope you find something you enjoy here, and please feel free to reach out if you have a project in mind.​

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